• GREETINGS! (The site is still under construction though)

    Hello, and thank you for stopping by!

    J-Square is a shopping service specially catered to fans who often have trouble getting their hands on much-coveted goods from concerts and events held in Japan. Some of my services will include:

    1. 1. Purchasing of goods from concerts (mainly from concerts held by Johnny’s idols, but occasionally also from artistes and groups such as AAA and w-inds, as well as indie acts such as After The Rain and Deco*27);

    2. 2. Purchasing photos and photo books from Johnny’s Shop;

    3. 3. Preorder of CDs/DVDs - this is to help overseas fans who want their purchases to count on Oricon Charts without paying hefty fees on forwarding services;

    4. 4. Purchase of doujin from Summer/Winter Comiket;

    5. 5. Purchase of books/idol magazines from Kinokuniya;

    6. 6. Purchase of other products from Disney, Universal Studios, 3Coins, Donki, etc.

    7. 7. Payment of concert tickets via PayEasy;

    8. 8. Fanclub Registration and Renewal

    These services come with a service fee which will be added to the total amount on your invoice.

    The FAQs and Service Listings are up, but I'll still be tweaking things around until the store is officially launched in July, so you won’t be able to check for preorders or put in any orders yet. You can use the contact form for questions though!

    To keep up with updates, do follow the service’s official twitter at @jsquare_enquiry!